Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Work At Home Tip# 2 - Keep Your Eye Out!

Keep your eye out for opportunities!
What are you good at? What do you enjoy doing?
What would you like to be doing?

Proofreading, writing, sewing, shopping, cooking, art, customer service, bookkeeping, Web design, handwriting, merchandising, moderating websites, recruiting, selling, assembling, blogging, etc.

No matter what your niche is, there are lots of ways people are turning their personal niche into making money from home. Nearly anything that can be done out-of-the home can be done twice as nice in the home.
But how?
Well, you have to get out there and meet people. Other work-at-home individuals are always interested in hiring help in areas they need help in from people who work from home too. But they have to know about you and know what it is that you are good at first! So join a work at home forum like Work-at-Home Mafia or Work-at-Home Mom. Tell people what you are good at and what you like to do.....they just might need your services or know of someone else who does. Networking is meeting others and opening up opportunities for yourself.

For instance, on a work-at-home forum that I frequent, I posted something on there about proofreading at one time, many times members have asked me to proofread their websites and have paid me generously for my services. Paid to do something I enjoy! =)

A friend of mine is an awesome writer, she started blogging and is making a lot of money doing that! Also, she is creative and has started working for a jewelry store owner and she has been making jewelry at home for her. She is making good money doing that!

I know a gal who has beautiful handwriting and she offers elegant handwriting services to customers that are seeking personalized, handwritten invitations for weddings and other special events that don't have the time or the penmanship to do it themselves. She is making good money doing something she loves......from home!

I have seen ads on work at home forums, Craigslist.org and other job sites for people/small business owners seeking everything from a person to sew handbags from home to a bookkeeper to help pay bills from home. Whatever your niche.....somebody is looking for your services!

Keep your eye out for those opportunities......they do exist!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Work-at-Home Tip #1: Join A Mafia!

Yep....I said it! To help you find a work-at-home job...
Join the Mafia family!
Nothing underhanded is taking place in this family......just killer job leads!!! :)
The Work-At-Home Mafia is a work at home job forum that provides a friendly environment to search for job leads. Check out the phone and non phone job forums to help you search for work at home job openings that best fit your skills. Over 200 fresh job leads are posted on the Mafia every week and there are a variety of work at home positions posted too, so no matter what your forte' is there are definitely job leads that will be of interest to you.
Take that from a die-hard Mafia member! :)

Ready to become a part of the Mafioso familia? Well, let's get you initiated! Mafia Forum.
Tell them $MoMMy$MoNey$ sent ya!!!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Are You Ready To Shake Your Money Maker?

Are you ready to shake your Money$Maker???

Well........are you?!
Are you getting sick & tired of the 9-5 Grind?
Are you tired of someone else enjoying your kids & spending an arm & a leg for their time?
Want to find something else.....but you need ideas on where to look?

Well........look no further! I am here to help offer some resources to you. I will help share some ideas with you that were shared to me a few years ago when I was in your shoes.
There are lots of ways to make money online. There are lots of great opportunities out there! Not so fast though......for every great opportunity that exists, 1,o00 scams exist. You need to know what's legit, why it's legit and who's legit out there! You are doing this because you want to make money working from home, right? Well then, let's make sure you are actually going to get paid for your hard work! Part of finding that great work-at-home job is researching. You have got to search what you're looking for.....and you've got to do it fast! Lots of others are seeking those same jobs you are looking for. So, where do you look? Well, that's how I can help you....I will post websites on here to help you get ideas of where to look. I will also post ideas and other cool things I see on work-at-home forums that I frequent. Whatever tools might help you....I will provide links! The rest is up to you! Be positive! Something is out there for you! :)
So, are you ready to get to work?
Let's shake this place up and make some money!!!